Surprise Yourself – live in a different country for a few months!


My friend and fellow blogger Chloe – recently took time to live in Paris for 3 months. Hey journey, though ending soon…is soooo inspiring. Reminded me that we don’t have the stay static — no matter how much you love your hometown or city you live in, you might surprise yourself by living in a different country, mingling with the locals, settling into the daily patterns of a new city, breathing its history, and more. The experience will change you and enrich your life. There is a huge difference between being the transient tourist vs. the transplant who is settling in the neighborhood for a while. You will be surprised at what you love there, what you miss back home. Sure, I hear you…not an easy thing to rig up – but then again there is not much in life that’s easy (so as an excuse it is a weak one). Chloe’s blog entries brought back memories of Paris, but most of all the surprising and exciting idea it triggered: “hey – why just take a 2 week vacation somewhere, go, live it up for a while.

Read about her how she did it on her blog along with her photos of Paris:



4 thoughts on “Surprise Yourself – live in a different country for a few months!

  1. I completely agree with you!!! I’d love to live in a foreign city for a few months…it’s on my bucket list. Chloe is a lucky girl!

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