Chestnut Season-Surprise!

roasted chesnut

I love chestnuts and this month is chestnut’s month let’s make some grilled chestnuts still they are available.

Kestaneleri cok seviyorum ve bu ay onlarin ayi hadi hazir elimizin altinda bulunuyorlarken biraz kozlenmis kestane yapalim.

1-It’s simple and easy you can just run a knife on top of each chestnut this is very important for safety!

1- Her bir kestanenin uzerine bicakla birer cizik atalim bu guvende olmamiz icin cok onemli bir tedbir!

2-The best way is to place them over the grill (while you are making grill) or in a pan over the stove.

2- En guzeli mangalin uzerine koyup pisirmek (mangal yaparken cok iyi bir firsat) bir tavanin icine ocagin uzerine koyalim veya evde sobamiz varsa direkt onun uzerine koyalim.

3-Wait until they are well grilled or medium it depends on how you like them.

3-Tamamen veya yari kozlenmis bu tamamen size kalmis nasil severseniz kozlenene dek bekleyin.

4- Leave them for few minutes to cool.

4- Biraz ilinmalari icin bir kac dakika bekleyelim.

5- Peel their shells if you would like you can eat them with their peels or peeled.

5- Sert kabuklarini soyalim iclerindeki ince kabukla yenilebilirler fakat onuda soyup oyle yiyebilirsiniz.

6- Enjoy them still they are hot and yummy.

6-Hala lezzetli ve sicaklarken  keyflerini cikarin.

Feed your Brain & Soul

Surprise yourself by doing something you have never done – your brain and soul will thank you for it. Recently I did that when I took up pottery. This is by no means my best work but certainly has made me smile when I look at it. I had never done pottery before – my mind and imagination immediately grabbed onto it. Not a Deepak Chopra follower but I would like to think this is part of building a ‘super brain’ he keeps yammering about.

Btw… made Christmas gifts for friends with pottery. Next best thing to giving people your true self and time. So go ahead — try something you have never done!