Sultan’s Favorite


This recipe beyond to be Sultan’s favorite it’s one of the yummy-easy+healthy recipes.

Here is how to make it

1- Peel and slice 1 medium size banana in to 1 or half inch slices. Put it right in to your plate.

1- 1 orta boy muzu soyup 1.5 veya 2 cm kalinligida dilimleyelim. Servis tabagimiza alalim.

2- Drizzle on top of them 1 tbs of honey. You can use the honey type you like I use regular organic honey.

2- Uzerleine 1 yemek kasigi bal gezdilerim. Sevdiginiz cesit bal kullanin ben organik normal bal kullandim.

3- Put on top of them 1 tbs of diced walnuts.

3- Uzerlerine 1 yemek kasigi iri cekilmis ceviz ici serpin.

4- Put on top of everything 2-3 tbs of pomegranate seeds.

4- Hepsinin uzerine 2-3 yemek kasigi nar tanesi serpin.


That’s all bon appetite!

Hepsi bu kadar afiyet olsun!



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