Organic Cornelian Cherry Jam

IMG_0421 Hi Everyone!

I very missed to share something with you. I made this jam with my aunt at Istanbul I hope you will like it too as we loved it.

What you need:

1 kilo of organic cornelian cherry

1 kilo of organic sugar

1 tsp of powdered essences of lemon or 1-2 tbs of lemon juice it depends of how much sour you like it or if don’t like it then don’t use it at all

How to do:

Wash all cornelian cherries




Extract all peduncles of cornelian cherries and put them in pan which you will cook it


Add sugar on top of them


Then at medium heat cook them

When they start to boiling continue to boil them about 30-40 minutes

5 minutes before you take it from the cooking stove add lemon juice or powdered essence of lemon

Finally put the jam in jars and let it cool.


When it’s completely cooled put the lids on and store it some where cool and dark

At the end enjoy this lovely colored healthy jam!

Note: Please be careful don’t forget the seeds inside of Cornelian cherries.