Find the creativity around you

Today you will see how to recycle the old or unused things at your home with out spending a lot of time plus no money just with your creativity you can make your home look nicer and garbage or unused items free!

But How??

Here is how. I find many baskets and 1 old bowl and some small tables they were unused and thrown here and there always annoying me anyway I just already had the houseplants they were all in their own flowerpots and I just put them inside the baskets and in the bowl and then on the small tables as you can see in the pictures below and I had one deep basket left and few children’s toys so I diced to put all of them inside the basket that’s it !


It looks much much better and nicer than before I’m happy now there is no garbage and unused items around me to annoy me anymore.


Oh! and this huge mug too it was a gift that wasn’t used for a long time and now I used it as fruit holder on counter top the counter top now is much nicer than before!


So these are just few very easy examples to just remind your creativity is always around you just it wait’s you to call it and use it.

Happy creativity’s!

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