Beat the Flue Naturally

Don’t be skeptical, if I can do it you can do it. So three days ago I woke up at 4:30am sweating, throat, and ears all throbbing, body aching like I ran a marathon. Knew I was in trouble.. had to decide if I was going to medicate or give my body a chance to fight naturally. Decided to give my body a chance.

Here is the regimen that naturally got me to a fully functional state by day 3:

Day 1:
Hydrate – lukewarm herbal teas that soothe the throat. I drank one cup to two every hour. Add lemon slices and spoons of good organic honey. What type of teas you say… ok mint, ginger, camomile, green and mixed teas. I happen to have a big stash of Kusmi teas and kept brewing and drinking. Stay away from the dark, hard, and dehydrating teas.

Add humidity to the room you are in. I dislike humidifiers most are traps for bacteria and mold. Boiling a pot of water is just fine. Keeps your nasal passages soothed instead of the dry crackling air.

Every hour I did a 5 minute vapor session; throw a towel over your head and breathe in the vapors from boiling water. Adding a drop of organic mint oil is refreshing while relieving your nose and throat. Another amazing oil I used is oregano oil. Yes the vapor regimen will make your nose drip, it’s ok just wipe it. Put 3 drops in water and drink – not for the faint hearted this is strong stuff — but when you are fighting with flue you can surprise yourself with what you can drink.

Light exercise is good; walk around in your home every couple hours to circulate blood.

Take a power nap – your body heals itself when you sleep. Had one coffee to fight the headache, worked temporarily but not enough.

Ate apples, carrots, salad greens, lentil soup spiked with garlic and paprika. Yes garlic is magical for colds and flue.

Day 2:
Ok started the morning badly; as I could not sleep well from the splitting headache. This is where I cheated with using a homeopathic sinus pressure and headache relieving dissolving tablets – evidence in exhibit A:

Then I continued to do Day 1 regimen. Added some protein like yogurt, and a robust green smoothie with a strong shot of ginger – zing!!!! Think that alone killed about a whole colony of viruses immediately.

Changed sheets and PJs… call me crazy but esp when sick anything that can keep germs around longer goes… You are wondering about the toothbrush right??? Yes, I keep it under boiling water to disinfect so I don’t keep putting the same viruses in my mouth.

Took two power naps. Ate dark organic chocolate – yes I went through a whole bar in 2 days. Neti pot you say??? If I had one handy I would have used it… it is great for cleansing the sinuses and helping you breathe again. In fact I am buying one this weekend just to have it handy.

Notice in two days I did not eat breads, rice, carbs even though I love them – but somehow my body was telling me to stay away. Another thing to note is I stayed home for two days – did not leave even once. Totally tried to relax and give my body the stress free experience of just taking care of itself. Yes, this means you don’t work or you work little and mostly rest. Work never ends but your health does.

Day 3:
Had to take the homeopathic for headache in the morning again. Strong green smoothie with ginger again. Same tea regimen to keep hydration going all day. Was a normal day, went out, worked, went to grocery store etc.

Our minds and bodies are very powerful. They can heal us with little help from us. Our mindset is also a factor: I kept thinking feeling great despite moments of agony, stuffy nose to degree of only breathing from mouth, cold sweating and joint aches that kept on going.

Result: almost healed, slight nasal drip and sinus pressure but body, ear, throat completely healed. I expect to feel even better tomorrow.

A friend asked me ‘why put yourself through this just take a flue medicine or the flue shot. This is crazy.’ Well I said my body needs to naturally fight diseases to stay strong. I have never had a flue shot and rarely get this sick in any given winter. I believe in the Swedish healthcare motto – let the body rest and heal instead of immediately medicating everything and overusing antibiotics etc. Now remember, we are only talking about flue. I am not suggesting cure any ailment without medicine — that is a whole other story for another time.

Live well, Eat well, Be well !!

Pay Now To Farmer Or Later To Doctor


How about that?

Which sounds better Farmer? or Doctor?

For us Farmers sounds more interesting and nice beside having colorful delicious nutritious food.

Well said quote, when I saw it love it because very clearly it describes what I would like to say just with few words but in more powerful.

Yes, pay now to the Farmer or later to the Doctor.

Okay, why to pay/ buy from farmers? why to pay/buy locally grown? What’s the benefit?

Here is the answers.

Local food tastes better and fresher than imported ones and it’s more nutritious food.

Preserves genetic diversity and it’s always seasonal.

Saves energy, most of imported foods are coming by trucks or air so buying locally saves petroleum and also reduce the packaging as well.

You can also built community by asking many questions as you can to learn about your food and visit local farms to understand to see how your food grows and even it will be fun teaching activity with children.

By buying locally grown food you are increasing the value of the land to the farmers and directly supporting local farms keep those arms in your community and ensure your own health, your children’s and even grand children’s health.

Paying to locally grown is like paying directly to your health before need of pills and doctors it  is smart healthy choice to start make a healthy habit please start right now where ever you are!

Or for best of all like us start your small or tiny garden! and surprise yourself with the freshest yummiest taste you grow. If you don’t have garden if you are lucky enough you can use your friends garden too! if you are not don’t worry you can even grow many things inside of your sweet home like parsley, peppermint, basil, scallions,  green garlic, mini tomatoes, lettuce, small peppers etc… but please choose the local seeds it depends on your space and how much you would like to grow actually the vertical gardens are perfect especially if you have balcony.

This picture is from last summer garden beauties yummy I can’t wait for this year yummm!


Vegan Coconut & Cacao Truffles


Healty & super easy lovely snack or kind a vegan truffles. If you try them once they are addicting so be careful!

Let’s make them!

1/2 cup plus 1 tbs organic cacao powder

4 tbs organic virgin coconut oil

1/4 cup organic honey

Mix all of the ingredients very well.

Stick in freezer 30 min.

Chop into pieces.

store in the fridge


I put more more cacao because I love deep bitter taste of cacao and this makes me able to shape them into balls as well.

Before you serve it you can dip the balls in coconut flakes or cacao or leave it just plenty.


mmmm just very yummy.


IMG_0611Come on let’s go to Delos while we are at Chora (Mykonos) whic means we are very close to this uninhabited open air museum island it is one of the most important mythological, archaeological and historical site in world heritage list if you are interested in history as we do you will find it amazing!  If you don’t then it will be pretty boring to spend your day at this outside open air museum Island also they have small inside museum which you can see many other things like mosaics 

These are inside museum

Amazing art of great mosaics!



Some jewelery but you can find more there


 One of the few status


and many other beautiful interesting things

Here it is open air museum we just put few photos but many things when you go to see  it will take your all day


Aren’t they just so smart they using the court as beutiful place to relax and also to collect clean water for drinking and cooking enjoying beautiful mosaics while raining.


I always impressed by old techniques because while you getting most of the benefits and your needs it doesn’t harm the environment it’s sustainable and it’s perfect!

The terrace of the lions.



If you don’t like to take guided tour you can basically be your own guide and you can find information from this boards about each important section.



I don’t want to make you bored with every picture I took or telling you all the history of Delos but I can say that they were one of the great civilization at those times even this times in the picture above you can see that they built sewer system. I know it is not pleasant issue but pretty impressive and clean I think.

Chora (Mykonos)


Here we are in Mykonos!

From Thera to Chora with flying Cat ferry in 2 or 4 hours took to go to Chora Island.

It’s not as Santorini it’s different but another beauty of Greece.

This cafe in Mykonos has great view of famous windmills and sea it’s very nice! and many other cute cafes as well.



Mykonos view from top of the road.


When you don’t use the map you can find some very special places like this Virgin Mary’s dormitory Monastery at Ano Mera village we didn’t heard about it before but we did heard about famous Panagia Tourtulani monastery a lot and would like to visit it but very luck find this cute monastery before. I was admire the only small nun by herself keeping all the monastery very clean and tidy and well-kept as she explained when we asked her how? She answered Virgin Mary strengthening her. I hope she is still doing well.



Blue door siesta for cute cat! at Mykonos town it’s very nice & relaxing to walk around this beautiful streets.

IMG_0683IMG_0635IMG_0464   IMG_0486

Chora door collection  I had more but I think it will be endless.

Local cafe in front of the Ornos beach octopus mazza and delicious tomato feta salad was delicious! How can I forget the name of this wonderful cafe ohh :((

At the same cafe I had best cafe latte ever it was really super!



Artichoke salad was delicious at Nikos restaurant.


Ornos beach

 IMG_0636 IMG_0640   

Finally local bazaar.


Thera (Santorini)


Open the door and enter to this amazing small but very impressive lovely island in Greece especially our most loved island Thira it has it’s own unique character and it’s very hard to not fall in love with this Islands blue and white and small houses the narrow streets the stairs, delicious fresh sea food! Just very Unique & special!

Want to share our 3 years old vacation but still unforgettable! Hope you will enjoy it!


IMG_0431IMG_0318 IMG_0319


Papagalos restaurant

If I remember right it was at Oia and all the dishes was fantastic especially you have to try the special mastixa liqueur if you are like us mastixa fan.


You feel like you are the best photographer here really!! but unfortunately it’s not all about you it’s the magic of Santorini.


The best way to explore these island if you like adventure as we do to rent a car. We try to figure out where we are with the help of the map but it didn’t worked well for us so we just give-up throw the map and drive to our adventure and create our special map just was fantastic and beside very famous and known places we were able to experience unknown small lovely villages, churches, restaurant’s, monastery’s and even hidden remote beaches and you don’t have to worry to be last don’t forget you are in such a small island and there is just one main road just what you have to do is after driving into small unknown roads just come back to main road and drive.


We stayed at Akrotiri which is very nice to relax and be away from crowd so we were very close to red beach actually we walked to the beach 30-40 min. It was very good exercise! and excavation site was very close as well which is very famous for it’s beautiful well preserved frescoes, many objects and artworks you can see many of them at the excavation site if it’s permitted for visitors or you can go to Thira and enjoy the archaeological and prehistoric museums.



Our peaceful stacked stones at red beach.


This is the view from our Hotel balcony.


For the first time we were trying Greek style called “chian”  it’s like jam but different they serve it beside your coffee it’s kind of dessert you enjoy it with spoonfuls. They make pistachios, cherries, figs ets… chian’s as well


Don’t forget to visit Santo wines enjoy your drink while enjoying caldera view it has one of the best views of caldera and you can buy excellent characteristic Santorini wines here.


If you would like to eat real and just very fine special dishes we recommend 1800 definitely check it out before because sometimes it’s not open in the morning till late afternoon.


The women’s meeting, talking at the church yard many small and cute churches at every corner. Just walk around to find something very local. Like his old women with local all black dress.


I don’t know exactly what they are this miniature cute houses or churches we saw many of like this when we were driving on the side of the roads? I wanna really know what they are any one who know please let us know.



we went to the light house to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunset and meditate a bit. Or you can go to Oia and celebrate it with a crowd.



The Art of Unhappiness

I recently read a fellow blogger’s writing about The Art of Happiness. It was written so well and thoughtfully by Gede Prama. It actually compelled me to write this piece – so thank you Gede for inspiring me!

So… as many people, I excel al the art of unhappiness. Not sure where it’s exactly coming from but I have the talent for it. I look around I know I am not the only gold medalist either – in fact some people have gone for platinum and diamond encrusted medals in this art-sport.

1. If you are unsatisfied regardless of small and big wins – personal or business, you have a shot at this sport.

2. If you are never quite fulfilled and always feeling that something is missing, and think if you only had more… you have a shot at a medal in this sport.

3. If you are #2 and surrounded with others like you who can commiserate with you, go on endless rants about how it’s not good enough, how glass is always half empty, and only if… my friend you are a serious athlete in the art of unhappiness.

As I have been immersed in all 3 points – it is easy to recognize it in others when I see it. So easy to spot the person who is not going to be fulfilled even after negotiating a 20K better deal, or went on a great trip but just was not great enough because it did not involve a yatch or the right person in their arm. “People want you to be happy. Don’t keep serving them your pain.” — Rumi

Consciousness is the first step to waking up from this vicious spiral. So if you do feel it hang on to it and nurture it, you will be better off and start being happier.

I am not saying any of this with pride. In fact I hope to hold a mirror to myself and others so we can recognize the epidemic of unhappiness. It is certainly easier to be unhappy than happy as it’s easier to point out flaw and shortcomings endlessly. The higher energy, the better calling is to have the character and maturity to recognize this and aim at the opposite for a more satisfied life. Hold on! I know what you medal winners are thinking – no, I am not telling you to settle, or not to be ambitious or anything like it. I am only suggesting that taking a moment to recognize what you currently have and be happy for it … I promise it will not stop you from achieving more nor become less ambitious, it will make you enjoy the journey and the destination more. The real challenge and victory resides in attaining then spreading happiness.

Now that you read this, you should read Gede’s The Art of Happiness to complete the circle: Songs of Compassion

“Life consists of what a person is thinking about all day.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Just Move

Please right now get-up and move for even few minutes Yes, just move it is good for you!

Every day at least 30 min. what do you think? laziness?

Well we have 24 hours a day 8 hours sleeping 8 hours work and how about another 8 hours? What are you doing just sitting and watching TV, reading or in front of computer etc.. Okay you can do all of this as well but please for healthier you make sure you keep 1 hour a day moving for lower blood pressure, improve metabolism and levels of cholesterol and triglycerides you can even reduce diabetes risk and risk of certain cancers as well. 30 min. to 1 hour a day can help you to with healthy weight, which can boost all of this benefits even more.

D you know how many hours a day you are spending while sitting?

I think the most of the answers are too much sitting during the rest of the day even some days no exercise.

Our body’s aren’t really structured to be sitting for long periods of time but when we do that our body is just kind of goes into shutdown. So then how about every hour even few minutes of movement and maybe instead of sitting on a chair sitting on an exercise ball that helps strengthen the core while improving balance and flexibility. You can simply stand up, dance, wiggle around, take few steps back and forth, march in place even for 2-3 min. to 5-10 min. will help you a lot to lower blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol and waist size even could help with back ache and straighten your posture because when muscles getting stronger they keeps you more supported and straight even looking taller when sitting or standing straight.

Basically it helps to improve your health and your look together in one simple thing just moving! Miraculous but I believe as everything in life if you will not work for it it’s very hard or impossible to get it so if you will move enough you sure will be much much healthier than you are now and don’t be lazy or think about it too much just move where ever you are.

So are you still sitting?? Come on just move, feel & look better !!

Trios sisters cookies


Cute cookies and different presentation!

Good thing about the dough of this cookies is you can chill it up to 2 days isn’t that great!

Also it’s very fun to make it with children they can roll the balls and make the indentations and fill each round with different jam.

If you are more than 3 sisters you can stick more rounds with each other it’s really fun or maybe less.

Anyway let’s have some FUN!!

2 -1/2 cups flour

1 tsp salt

2 sticks butter (softened)

1 cup sugar

1 large egg

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

2 tbs raspberry jam or cherry jam

2 tbs apricot preserve

2 tbs strawberry preserve

Whisk flour salt.

Beat butter and sugar with mixer about 4 min. add egg and vanilla mix at low speed.

Mix in flour mixture in 3 batches till dough forms.

Divide dough in half and form each into 6 inch disks wrap it in plastic wrap and chill 1 hour.

Preheat oven 175 c.

Roll 3 separate level tsp of dough into a ball then flatten each ball 1 inch wide and less than 1/2 inch thick.

Arrange them into triangle and make deep indentation in center of each round with help of 1/2 inch thick spoon handle.

Arrange them 1 inch apart on baking sheets.

Fill indentations with about 1/88 tsp jam avoiding any large pieces of fruit.

Bake 15- 20 min. till golden brown.

Cool on baking sheets 5 min.

Enjoy fun sisters or one size bite sister! just use your creativity and have so much delicious & fun!

Early Spring – MENs Shoe Edit

This is dedicated to our reader, Uzoma, who read our recently published piece ‘Early Spring Shoe Edit’ and asked us how about Men.

So here it is our edit for Men’s shoes, hope it inspires your feet. Please note our edit is not for the faint hearted.

This lovely blue that pops is by Adidas by Tom Dixon is the perfect weekend shoe.20140131-204820.jpg

Alexander McQueen, gives men an elegant option to weather the cooler spring days – perfect for workwear or a pair of jeans. 20140131-205148.jpg

We are obsessed with these sneakers from Lanvin! what man does not need an updated sneaker in 2014??? really.

If you are the guy who likes classic with surprising details – this Raf Simons shoe is made for you.20140131-210142.jpg

Diemme makes fun yet very wearable shoes with touches that will make your friends envy and ask you where you got your shoes. 20140131-211358.jpg

Guys you know Louboutin doesn’t just make shoes for women – yes you may also own a piece of fashion history – never say never, you will surprise yourself. 20140131-210824.jpg
Remember we did say this is not for the faint hearted – if you are too afraid to step out of your shell, stop and think: life is too short to be wearing the boring shoes – go for it!