The Art of Unhappiness

I recently read a fellow blogger’s writing about The Art of Happiness. It was written so well and thoughtfully by Gede Prama. It actually compelled me to write this piece – so thank you Gede for inspiring me!

So… as many people, I excel al the art of unhappiness. Not sure where it’s exactly coming from but I have the talent for it. I look around I know I am not the only gold medalist either – in fact some people have gone for platinum and diamond encrusted medals in this art-sport.

1. If you are unsatisfied regardless of small and big wins – personal or business, you have a shot at this sport.

2. If you are never quite fulfilled and always feeling that something is missing, and think if you only had more… you have a shot at a medal in this sport.

3. If you are #2 and surrounded with others like you who can commiserate with you, go on endless rants about how it’s not good enough, how glass is always half empty, and only if… my friend you are a serious athlete in the art of unhappiness.

As I have been immersed in all 3 points – it is easy to recognize it in others when I see it. So easy to spot the person who is not going to be fulfilled even after negotiating a 20K better deal, or went on a great trip but just was not great enough because it did not involve a yatch or the right person in their arm. “People want you to be happy. Don’t keep serving them your pain.” — Rumi

Consciousness is the first step to waking up from this vicious spiral. So if you do feel it hang on to it and nurture it, you will be better off and start being happier.

I am not saying any of this with pride. In fact I hope to hold a mirror to myself and others so we can recognize the epidemic of unhappiness. It is certainly easier to be unhappy than happy as it’s easier to point out flaw and shortcomings endlessly. The higher energy, the better calling is to have the character and maturity to recognize this and aim at the opposite for a more satisfied life. Hold on! I know what you medal winners are thinking – no, I am not telling you to settle, or not to be ambitious or anything like it. I am only suggesting that taking a moment to recognize what you currently have and be happy for it … I promise it will not stop you from achieving more nor become less ambitious, it will make you enjoy the journey and the destination more. The real challenge and victory resides in attaining then spreading happiness.

Now that you read this, you should read Gede’s The Art of Happiness to complete the circle: Songs of Compassion

“Life consists of what a person is thinking about all day.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

15 thoughts on “The Art of Unhappiness

    • Thank you for reading. Some of us are still on the journey.. there is no magic pill for overnight transformation. The magic pills come in shape of significant events or some form of loss that shake one in attempt to awaken the inner conscious.

  1. I’m generally quite the optimist, so I don’t think I’m likely to compete for the Unhappiness trophy—but even the happiest among us do well to take conscious stock of our blessings and joys more often and more deeply. It’s how we fuel up for *staying* happy. 😀

    • Thank you for reading and sharing your comments. Done our job if we can inspire and leave readers with a positive energy. Some people choose to write it down in their journals — I don’t have a journal so every evening, I try to think of two things I am grateful for and two things I would like to attract to my life. Tonight I am grateful for my dad’s health/recovery, and the adorable smile of a coworker’s baby reminding me of purity, innocence, and life’s endless possibilities. Tonight I hold the vision of health for a friend’s dad who had heart surgery — still in ICU, and taking a great vacation with my beloved sister.

      • You are a wonderful inspiration and reminder of what is really important in life, to take the time to develop a grateful heart. Blessings by far outnumber the negatives. Your articles remind me to capture those blessings and embrace them. Keep on!

      • Grazie mille for the encouragement – we are humbled to inspire. Dwelling on negatives only pays off if they pave a road forward and out of negativity. We manifest what we think all day. Holding a vision of happiness for you… thank you for reading and sharing.

  2. Some people are addicted to being miserable. I know a person like this. If it is not this it is that. I listen to it at a particular 12 Step meeting in her share for years. The person’s substance abuse is a mere symptom of being locked into being miserable and most of the reasons manufactured nonsense. We wonder what will happen if she must face a real difficulty on life’s terms.

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