Thera (Santorini)


Open the door and enter to this amazing small but very impressive lovely island in Greece especially our most loved island Thira it has it’s own unique character and it’s very hard to not fall in love with this Islands blue and white and small houses the narrow streets the stairs, delicious fresh sea food! Just very Unique & special!

Want to share our 3 years old vacation but still unforgettable! Hope you will enjoy it!


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Papagalos restaurant

If I remember right it was at Oia and all the dishes was fantastic especially you have to try the special mastixa liqueur if you are like us mastixa fan.


You feel like you are the best photographer here really!! but unfortunately it’s not all about you it’s the magic of Santorini.


The best way to explore these island if you like adventure as we do to rent a car. We try to figure out where we are with the help of the map but it didn’t worked well for us so we just give-up throw the map and drive to our adventure and create our special map just was fantastic and beside very famous and known places we were able to experience unknown small lovely villages, churches, restaurant’s, monastery’s and even hidden remote beaches and you don’t have to worry to be last don’t forget you are in such a small island and there is just one main road just what you have to do is after driving into small unknown roads just come back to main road and drive.


We stayed at Akrotiri which is very nice to relax and be away from crowd so we were very close to red beach actually we walked to the beach 30-40 min. It was very good exercise! and excavation site was very close as well which is very famous for it’s beautiful well preserved frescoes, many objects and artworks you can see many of them at the excavation site if it’s permitted for visitors or you can go to Thira and enjoy the archaeological and prehistoric museums.



Our peaceful stacked stones at red beach.


This is the view from our Hotel balcony.


For the first time we were trying Greek style called “chian”  it’s like jam but different they serve it beside your coffee it’s kind of dessert you enjoy it with spoonfuls. They make pistachios, cherries, figs ets… chian’s as well


Don’t forget to visit Santo wines enjoy your drink while enjoying caldera view it has one of the best views of caldera and you can buy excellent characteristic Santorini wines here.


If you would like to eat real and just very fine special dishes we recommend 1800 definitely check it out before because sometimes it’s not open in the morning till late afternoon.


The women’s meeting, talking at the church yard many small and cute churches at every corner. Just walk around to find something very local. Like his old women with local all black dress.


I don’t know exactly what they are this miniature cute houses or churches we saw many of like this when we were driving on the side of the roads? I wanna really know what they are any one who know please let us know.



we went to the light house to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunset and meditate a bit. Or you can go to Oia and celebrate it with a crowd.