Chora (Mykonos)


Here we are in Mykonos!

From Thera to Chora with flying Cat ferry in 2 or 4 hours took to go to Chora Island.

It’s not as Santorini it’s different but another beauty of Greece.

This cafe in Mykonos has great view of famous windmills and sea it’s very nice! and many other cute cafes as well.



Mykonos view from top of the road.


When you don’t use the map you can find some very special places like this Virgin Mary’s dormitory Monastery at Ano Mera village we didn’t heard about it before but we did heard about famous Panagia Tourtulani monastery a lot and would like to visit it but very luck find this cute monastery before. I was admire the only small nun by herself keeping all the monastery very clean and tidy and well-kept as she explained when we asked her how? She answered Virgin Mary strengthening her. I hope she is still doing well.



Blue door siesta for cute cat! at Mykonos town it’s very nice & relaxing to walk around this beautiful streets.

IMG_0683IMG_0635IMG_0464   IMG_0486

Chora door collection  I had more but I think it will be endless.

Local cafe in front of the Ornos beach octopus mazza and delicious tomato feta salad was delicious! How can I forget the name of this wonderful cafe ohh :((

At the same cafe I had best cafe latte ever it was really super!



Artichoke salad was delicious at Nikos restaurant.


Ornos beach

 IMG_0636 IMG_0640   

Finally local bazaar.


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