IMG_0611Come on let’s go to Delos while we are at Chora (Mykonos) whic means we are very close to this uninhabited open air museum island it is one of the most important mythological, archaeological and historical site in world heritage list if you are interested in history as we do you will find it amazing!  If you don’t then it will be pretty boring to spend your day at this outside open air museum Island also they have small inside museum which you can see many other things like mosaics 

These are inside museum

Amazing art of great mosaics!



Some jewelery but you can find more there


 One of the few status


and many other beautiful interesting things

Here it is open air museum we just put few photos but many things when you go to see  it will take your all day


Aren’t they just so smart they using the court as beutiful place to relax and also to collect clean water for drinking and cooking enjoying beautiful mosaics while raining.


I always impressed by old techniques because while you getting most of the benefits and your needs it doesn’t harm the environment it’s sustainable and it’s perfect!

The terrace of the lions.



If you don’t like to take guided tour you can basically be your own guide and you can find information from this boards about each important section.



I don’t want to make you bored with every picture I took or telling you all the history of Delos but I can say that they were one of the great civilization at those times even this times in the picture above you can see that they built sewer system. I know it is not pleasant issue but pretty impressive and clean I think.

9 thoughts on “Delos

  1. Delos is where everything happened in the video game that I just played, (^_^) Cool. So, it’s a real place.

    You don’t have a feature here for ” FOLLOW “.

    Anyway, cheers. And thanks for visiting my site.

    • Yes it is a wonderful place – how interesting a video game is using it as location. Well we hope you can go visit to see the real deal. Great piece of Greek history and mythological stories… It was a sacred island where poeple could not give birth or be buried.

  2. Great to hear your interest and I think it’s a place must see once in life I hope you will be there soon Greece is amazing! thank you so much for sahring your time with us.

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