Pay Now To Farmer Or Later To Doctor


How about that?

Which sounds better Farmer? or Doctor?

For us Farmers sounds more interesting and nice beside having colorful delicious nutritious food.

Well said quote, when I saw it love it because very clearly it describes what I would like to say just with few words but in more powerful.

Yes, pay now to the Farmer or later to the Doctor.

Okay, why to pay/ buy from farmers? why to pay/buy locally grown? What’s the benefit?

Here is the answers.

Local food tastes better and fresher than imported ones and it’s more nutritious food.

Preserves genetic diversity and it’s always seasonal.

Saves energy, most of imported foods are coming by trucks or air so buying locally saves petroleum and also reduce the packaging as well.

You can also built community by asking many questions as you can to learn about your food and visit local farms to understand to see how your food grows and even it will be fun teaching activity with children.

By buying locally grown food you are increasing the value of the land to the farmers and directly supporting local farms keep those arms in your community and ensure your own health, your children’s and even grand children’s health.

Paying to locally grown is like paying directly to your health before need of pills and doctors it  is smart healthy choice to start make a healthy habit please start right now where ever you are!

Or for best of all like us start your small or tiny garden! and surprise yourself with the freshest yummiest taste you grow. If you don’t have garden if you are lucky enough you can use your friends garden too! if you are not don’t worry you can even grow many things inside of your sweet home like parsley, peppermint, basil, scallions,  green garlic, mini tomatoes, lettuce, small peppers etc… but please choose the local seeds it depends on your space and how much you would like to grow actually the vertical gardens are perfect especially if you have balcony.

This picture is from last summer garden beauties yummy I can’t wait for this year yummm!


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