Super Hero Red Beet


I really get crazy exiting for it’s color it’s really fun and delicious want to share with you my super hero beet I love red beets and I think you will like them more after you know more about them.

Okay let’s count the SURPRISE benefits of this super hero food!

It’s cancer fighter and antioxidant

It’s rich from A,B,C and P vitamins and beta carotene

It’s nutritious

It helps improve immune system

It’s increase the blood especially the juice of the red beet and if ti mixed half by half with carrot juice it increase erythrocytes.

Especially during winter when the cold and infections are at high levels it’s best to eat this super hero food to increase the body resistance.

1 cup of super hero red beet juice is effective for hypertension and when you mix the juice with yogurt it fulls the energy stocks of body.

It’s good for those suffering from low levels of iron and it’s rich from potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese, copper etc…it’s like a vitamin tablet it’s amazing!

It’s a good habit to keep it by adding thin slices or shreds of red beet to your salads or enjoy it as plain beet juice or as mixed with apple, carrot or other delicious fruits as cocktail now I love this super hero more ways :))