Oh Vitamix – where have you been all this time

If you have been following our blog, By now you probably know we are all about health, travel and fooood. So here is our latest discovery: Vitamix !! and no, they are not paying us to write this up. Seriously.

For several months now, been thinking about what type of juicer, smoothie maker to buy — so researched it, compared models/prices, asked around, googled, slept on it… in the meantime kept saving some $$ since it looked like this would cost a shiny penny if we wanted quality.

Ended up with Vitamix CIA Pro Series… it showed up this past weekend. And it has been paying for itself every single day!!

Here is a mini break down:

1. Smoothies used to cost about $6 for 8oz at health food store. Do the math – if you had one every day, or let’s say even every other day, that’s $1095 a year . Let’s say you make 2 smoothies that’s 2x$1095 — you get the idea. This is also NOT calculating for soups, frozen drinks and anything else you would make. Do we need to say more??

2. Unexpected but welcome benefit: dinners, and soups are made easy. Now we can make all sorts of soups; throw ingredients in Vitamix – blend, then eat or heat/ eat. Now we can also save produce before it goes bad by freezing it and using it in smoothies. It comes with a recipe book and dvd with lots of ideas. We have not read the book lollll – we were so excited just started tossing stuff in and experimenting. It is fun!!

3. Reinforcing eating / drinking raw fruit and veggies – making us healthier. It basically shreds through anything in seconds – yes even frozen stuff. It’s amazing! You want to be good to your digestive system this is one way of doing it. Also the body takes in more vitamins etc. since everything is liquified.

We don't recommend this to juice puritans… because you get the juice and everything else. If you only want juice, no fiber and pulp etc. this is not the machine for you. But because we researched extensively, if we were buying something just for 'juice' we would have bought a masticating juicer like Omega.

Here is a favorite smoothie:
1 red beet
2 medium carrots
few slices of ginger
1/2 of a red apple
1 banana
1/2 cup of coconut water

Put everything into Vitamix, turn it on and dial up to 5 for 2 min or less – voila!! Cheers to your health!
We can keep on going and praising this machine, but we rather hear from you! What questions do you have for us?

UPDATE 4/5/2014:
Been using the Vitamix daily, making an energy boosting smoothie has become a delicious morning routine. Also I recently bought pure Hawaiian Spirulina to use in my green and savory smoothies. At first I was using too much and did not like the taste :))) once I read the directions realized I only need one teaspoon!! My Vitamix journey continues… loving the results for my health, skin, and wallet $.