Less – More

I don’t know why we are waiting to not change our habits or many of us waiting until they get hospitalize or really forced to be changed. I think the smart way is to avoid to be hospitalized or forced as more ways as we can by what we are eating by exercising or simply drinking more water etc. and taking care ourselves our body’s to let repair it self we don’t need a special occasions to do this things because life is too short to not spend it on your physical or mental health. What we do more is what we became more.

I love this less and mores & would like to share it with you. 

Less sugar – More fruit.

Less meat – More vegetables.

Less soda – More water.

Less driving – More walking.

Less worry – More sleep.

Less words – More action.

Less stress – More relax.

Less cry  – More laugh.

Less garbage – More reuse.

& More Organic, More fair trade, More green for More healthy world = healthy you.


10 thoughts on “Less – More

  1. Yes I like this list. Though my psychiatrist recently told my she was concerned my oversleeping could add to depression and overall fatigue. Cold I modify that one to “less worry-balanced sleep”? (at least for me 🙂 )

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