Lifelong Learning – Surprise, Made a Pillowcase

20140329-145418.jpgMany of us get into a rut easily. We only do the things we know how to do and don’t go out of our way to learn anything new. If you have read our blog you will know we won’t let you settle for that!!

It is amazing that with enough curiosity we can learn to do anything. So today I decided to learn how to make a pillowcase. Luckily there is a store in town that teaches a class on how to make this. Why learn how to make a pillowcase? you say. I say why not? using the brain and eyes/hands to do something you never made before is quite energizing.

Showed up at the designated time and brought my fabric. I was ambitious to make an envelope pillowcase in two colors. Never had done this before and I was already thinking fancy thoughts. Teacher was great, she actually said I should do it. Going with my friend Jenni was nice – we had a blast of fun and left smiling with our cute pillow :)) Can learning a new talent get better than this!
So now that I successfully made my first pillow – I would like you to get out there and go do something for the first time!!
20140329-145402.jpg I can already tell this won’t the the last thing I make. Already have ideas about gifts I want to make for a few loved ones.

23 thoughts on “Lifelong Learning – Surprise, Made a Pillowcase

  1. It looks really good! I like the contrasting fabrics. Pillowcases are such great projects because they are simple to make but so rewarding when finished and you can put a new fresh pillow on your couch.

    • Thank you Emmely – you are so right. At the end it felt like yes!! I can do this! perfect way to easily and cheaply re-decorate – change your pillow covers from season to season.

  2. Those look fabulous – super cute fabric! I’ve been looking for new pillows but can never find any I like. Too bad I can’t even sew a button on. 😦

    • Lynda, thank you for visiting and commenting. This was a new venture for me, if I can do it anyone can. We often tell ourselves ‘can’t do it’, ‘I am not good at this, so and so is…’ and this holds is back. We are our biggest adversaries. I encourage you to find a local shop where they teach this. You will surprise yourself with what you are capable.

  3. The pillows are gorgeous! And look at that fancy sewing machine all digital and loaded up with stitch types – all the more fun to be had. As for me, I’m going to make a birthday card today, which is not so new, BUT I have new creativity-expanding materials to use: 3 sheets of novelty stickers and a package of pens in loads of colors : )

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