Is the day running you?

Finally decided to write on this topic as it keeps emerging as a pattern I my life. When I look around I see others struggle too so I know I am not alone.

You either run the day – or it runs you!
Yes, this is true. Have you noticed what drives your day? Is it you or is it something else? Are you really in control of your day or are you going from meeting to meeting, event to event and so on…? If you are like me you have a never ending checklist.

Not until long ago the days ran me and more like ran over me. Packed scheduled busy and crazy… until I had this awakening about running around by something other than my own will. That is when I realized I was not running my day it was running me. Ultimately I would be exhausted and not reaping the benefits either – half the time thinking ‘wait… so what did I get out of all of that today?’ went unanswered.

What to do?? Don’t panic, here are few tips:

1. Back off! yes, cut back on accepting events, meetings that wayyyy overcommit yourself. You know who you are!

2. Create a buffer. This means between meetings, events or whatever your commitment is allow time for YOU, so you can relax and reflect before the next thing starts.

3. Be picky. You might already think you are picky but do you have a hard time saying no? Do you basically accept every meeting that appears on your calendar? Are you ready to jump on any social invite? While all these things lead to a ‘busy’ ‘i am important’ feeling type of a day – end result is not so. One might say garbage in garbage out – with little to no value.

This takes practice. It’s easier to pack your day like sardines than to think and set your intentions deliberately for your day. I am still trying … but already paying off as I am more focused on what’s really important and not running like crazy all day long.

Sooo… Is the day running you or are you running the day??

9 thoughts on “Is the day running you?

  1. Ironically, I’ve just given myself a day… It’s my nicest present… I walked, painted, wrote on my blog, discovered how to make my favorite photo collage and made a crystal bracelet and a necklace for myself….I talked to my best friends on the phone and I ate in front of my TV watching ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’….
    I run my days…
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Camelia, great to hear it and easy to read feel how happy it made you. Surprise yourself by giving yourself more than a day. All the days of this life are yours – you decide how to share some of them with things we call work, obligations, other people, events, etc.

  2. Wow, you just detailed a process I have been going through for the last few years. First, I learned the word “NO” – it’s a favorite now! Then I got picky, and then I learned to schedule in that buffer time. I’ve never put words to it – it was just something I had to learn in order to survive. I’m so thrilled to have your words to describe this season of becoming more particular and healthier. Well said!

    Emily Grace

    • Hi Emily, thank you – glad to know you have organically came to same conclusions and are at a better place. Please continue and help others get there too – spread the love. The biggest and one of the most lasting acts we can do as people is to impact others positively.
      Wishing you success and smiles!

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