What’s your new vacation destination?

If you have been following our blog you know we are crazy about a few things… and one is definitely traveling. As we are getting ready for an upcoming trip (wooooo!!!) we wondered about what our readers are up to.

So tell us…. where are you headed next? and why? we would love to hear your stories.

An old and wise saying goes something like this: a man who has traveled knows more than a man who has only read books.

And we say — a man who has travelled definitely has more fun than one who has not traveled !!!

15 thoughts on “What’s your new vacation destination?

  1. My group CurlFriends Abroad, check us out on my blog (curlfriendsabroad.com), we’re heading to Europe Sept 25-Oct5, 6 countries in 10 days (whew). We’re a social and travel club. Next year, it’s DUBAI..YIPEEE!

  2. Oh what a nice post! I hope I won’t bragging too much – but I am super excited for our next destination!
    Our next destination is Indonesia: Jakarta and Raja Ampat (West Papua). In Jakarta we will visit my family and friends. Meanwhile in Raja Ampat, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary by diving for 10 days 🙂
    Raja Ampat is my dream diving destination, the place is recently known as the heart of coral triangle, it is home to 75% of the world’s coral species and over ten times the number of coral species found in the entire Caribbean…I can not wait to dive in such rich underwater area!

    • Brag ooonn… you are among fellow travelers! Sounds like a great plan for 10th ann. A good friend is from Indonesia – we dream of visiting there someday and enjoy it from a local and not a tourist perspective. Thanks for teaching us something new – never knew about Raja Ampat.

      • 🙂 You are welcome to drop me a message if you need tips on traveling in Indonesia. I will write about the tip in my blog too – but I have to be honest, it is tough where to start as Indonesia has too many islands :)) Have a great weekend!

    • A good friend went for a week and fell in love with it – only regretted she was there for just one week. You must do sushi at the fish market – apparently it is sublime. Have an amazing trip!

      • I’m looking forward to living off of fish the entire time. Believe me, I won’t be wasting the opportunity to have cheap seafood by ordering anything else for my entrees! I hope I do, too. ^-^

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