Surprise… meet my boyfriend TED!

Wellll… ok I wish I had a smart boyfriend called TED. So let me introduce you to TED so you know what I am raving about.

TED is always available
He is always there! Whenever I need TED I can reach him on my phone. TED has a lovely app, so easy to use; at my beck and call.

TED is so smart
TED is so smart and witty, being with TED makes me smart. TED makes me want to learn more and be smarter in a gentle, encouraging way. Ahhh and btw he is not in a competition with me – we both like that :)) we are on the same team!

TED is not boring
I can talk to TED about anything, any topic – can’t be bored. A good partner is one that you can talk about everything and can hold a conversation. TED has a bunch of topics from astrophysics to innovation to online dating to religion to politics to food to travel to big data … shall I keep going???

TED makes me laugh
TED is not just serious and nerdy, he makes me laugh! Just a quick search on comedy, stand up.. and sometimes some of the talkers are funny period – even though they are not comedians.

Did I mention that my parents actually approve of TED? He has even impressed them, now that’s a feat! Guess I could keep going on and on about him… but you be the judge, have a look.
Here is TEDs address:

Now would not it be great if TED was real – ha! Hope you enjoy TED as much as I do. Who’s your TED?

10 thoughts on “Surprise… meet my boyfriend TED!

  1. No wonder TED is so entertaining and smart. He has a good woman behind him and in his heart! I want to be like TED :-). Thank you for visiting Willy Nilly. I hope you’ll visit again soon, and bring TED, he’s good to have around. Maybe he can help Willy Nilly with his attention span issues. πŸ™‚

  2. I receive regular notifications from TED. TED is on my favourites list. Sadly, like so many other things I call favourites, I never seem to favour TED with a visit.
    I’m retired. How can time be at such a premium?

    • Keith congrats on being retired – you must attend a TED taping. I had the joy of being at one and loved the experience and meeting new people. Check it off your list – life is too short!!

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