Maybe for many people it’s formal beauty. The truth is all about what you are how you see the things what gives the real meaning of beauty. It’s not what you see in the mirror it’s what you see inside your heart if you have beauty in your heart you feel beauty-full inside out you see beauty in others too and you can be able to feel more beauty-s in life to beauty-full yourself your life even others and their life by being able to see to feel real beauty first in you then in other and every thing. That’s very true everything begins in-inside you if you feel ugly you will be ugly if you feel beauty-full you will be beautiful.

So full yourself (even others) with real non exhausted, non jealous, non destroy-ble real-shining beauty. 

What’s your real beauty measure?

5 thoughts on “Beauty-full

  1. To me a beautiful person is someone who radiates goodness, health, peace and love. Those things can transform even a simple, plain “exterior” into something that is truly beautiful and unique.

  2. I think you do a great job of describing true beauty. To me the measure of beauty isn’t one parameter, category or theme of a person. It is a combination of traits from the mind, body, and soul in various degrees that give each person a unique property that makes them beautiful. The outward expression of these traits are uplifting and give one the desire to be around, next to, and with such a person. The physical features of a person, that can be remarkably beautiful for some, so often are empty, unless there is a warm and joyous heart and a kind spirit within that beautiful form. And last, The physical form of a person can often be the least trait that contributes to a beautiful person.

  3. Yes absolutely the real beauty it depends who you are what you believe what you value what makes you you that’s very true. Thank you very much for sharing your time and your precious thoughts :)) very apreciated

  4. Inner beauty is the real beauty. Timeless, real, shines light to those around them. Looking good on the mirror adds to our self confidence and motivates us to live healthier. As long as we don’t get obscessed with it external beauty, a little dose is okay. Thanks.

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