Keep Hydrating Deliciously

Eat and maximize your skin hydration by this amazing delicious great foods.

They are all great foods for hydrating your skin

Let’s count them with their blessings.

Coconut oil -has amazing deep moisturizing properties due to similarity of skin structure to the skin’s own bio-support network.

Kale- packed with vitamins & antioxidants and vitamins A, C & K which fight skin damaging free radicals & help reduce dark circles too. Block the growth of skin cancer cells also isn’t that amazing?

Avocado- because of it’s hydrocarbons and natural oils called natures oil.

Strawberry- made of more than % 75 of water and that helps your skin your to maintain hydrated & glowing skin.

Watermelon- % 93 water multivitamin cocktail of C, B6 & A repair and protect your skin while hydrating.

Cantaloupe- vitamins K & E keep your skin healthy and radiant also with choline replenish and rejuvenate.

Chia seeds- work beauty wonders.

Pumpkin seeds- strengthen week skin structures.

Walnuts- increasing your skins ability to hold onto moisture.

Olive oil- with very high nutritive value hydrates the skin & balances the pH levels.

I feel lucky now it’s easy to keep hydrating during hot summer deliciously.