Maldives: paradise found!

20140614-132051.jpgWe are not ready to say goodbye to Maldives… but we said ‘until next time’ and hopped on the seaplane. Captain happened to be from Canada, fun chap!
20140614-130105.jpgBtw.. what is it with men in uniforms šŸ˜‰
20140614-130414.jpgHard not to enjoy our drinks looking out on this beautiful sight. 20140614-132909.jpgSo happy we got to see these beautiful islands; Male, Gangehi, Kuredu, and Komandoo – before they disappear underwater. 20140614-130510.jpgAll photos on our blog are taken by us –using simple iPhone and iPad actually. Here are some scenes we captured, enjoy.
20140614-130953.jpgA friend we made there said people usually return within 6 mo or a year. Having been there we understand why and hope we can also return in the next 2yrs to visit other islands. How can we resist a paradise like this!20140614-131801.jpg
So… when are you going to Maldives?20140614-131930.jpg

8 thoughts on “Maldives: paradise found!

    • Yes, sad but more the reason to see it before too late. In reality nothing in life is constant so this is just another inevitable thing. Enjoy everything while it is here in this moment :))

    • The must be part of heaven in this earth. It’s one of the places once you have to go and see and sure it’s expensive but we will recommend low season still very hot but still unbelievably beautiful. Here is a special trick for you before you find the cheapest price for your hotel and go ahead and ask them for lower price most of them will do %10 or maybe with more luck lower price. Hope you’ll do it soon and let us know about your experience :))

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