Love reading love books


If you are I person as the title says love reading love books then you must keep reading this post as a person that I have special love toward books and reading I always was sure they are all precious for me but couldn’t exactly tell what was it now it’s listed and maybe I can tell you little bit now about their magic touch to our life’s.

Happy lovely reading :)))

books are good topic of conversation

provides knowledge and information

also helps with better writing skills

great and free entertainment

enriches the language and vocabulary

reduces stress, puts you in a better mood

exercises your brain

improves concentration and focus

also good for memory

develops creativity

increases your ability to empathize with others

books are a window to the world

introduces to the unknown fantasy world

I think more than all of this listed they have magic to even change us, to change our world too of course for who believes ;)) in their special magic

Keep reading lovely readers!

Pottery Series I: Why is it wobbling?

Decided to write a mini series on pottery. Some of you who have dabbled in it or interested hopefully will find these series amusing.

After being on a few months break due to work and vacation trips – I got back on the wheel. That is the pottery wheel!

Quickly realized I was rusty. My pots would at some point wobble and some even collapsed after pulling. Never been the shy person not to ask directions or for help – I quickly turned to others in the studio and said: why is it wobbling?? help me.

Two of them quickly came to help and assess the situation. So if you are having the wobble problem, read carefully:

1. need to center perfectly, you are off by a bit but when you are pulling the effect is more noticeable
2. need to keep compressing the walls, you are not pulling evenly and not strengthening the walls
3. need to throw thicker, walls are too thin, you can always trim out the fat

and… one more issue: I throw upright and was not ‘manhandling’ the clay as my fellow potter told me. She showed me how to brace the wheel and use my core.

Results: amazing – I applied exactly what they told me and the next 3 test pots I threw were quite well, no wobble, no collapsing…. happy me!

Here is my wheel:
My potter friends told me that using the sit-in wheels are easier to control. I just learned standing and that is why I use the stand up wheel. But I think the wobble issue is not isolated to the stand up wheel.

Few favorite things from my early summer 2014 collection:
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Let’s make Decisions

Let’s make a decision but a good one okay while it looks so complicated and difficult how to make a really good one? 

Last week I was frustrated with my choices and decisions it was very hard for me to choose because I’m usually very quick decision maker but I don’t know what happened to me and I feel like I’m not going to decide anything but at the end I realize that I’m creating 50% of this problem by over thinking about tiny things and finally making the decision my way with rights and wrongs but thank God at the end a decision! so because of that I would like to share this blog with all of you dear readers and followers who felt sometimes in their life’s like me hope it will work for you too :)))

First you have to remember to stay calm don’t make any decision while you are feeling too happy or too sad you should be just calm to think clearly.

Get more information about what you going to make decision.

Compare (-) and (+) of the decision if you give more positive checks then you should probably do it if it’s not then you should avoid this.

Prepare for the best and also for the worst you have to think about both sides to have a backup plan.

Accept responsibility for every outcome while doing the best as you can.

If you are married or have children think about how this could affect them.

Make a list of alternatives don’t think there is only one alternative think again you will find some.

Think about taking that risk is if it happens you will never forgive your self then it’s better to forget it.

Trust your gut-reaction over thinking about every tiny-miny thing make it worse.

 Ask trusted friend for advice also ask neutral advice.

Give enough time to your emotions to settle.

Make it fun and play a game write your options on a piece of paper and draw a lottery. Or shake a dice or  whatever. The most important part is to watch how you feel and react will guide you to make right decision.

Finally at the end of the day think about how you will going to feel about it in a few years when you look at yourself in the mirror. Your heart will tell you the truth and what to do.

Don’t forget in this life you can choose your decisions and first of all always put first what you like or love to do! This life is not forever spend it on what really matters for you.

Find something you love!

Surprise..surprise… not everyone is in love with their job. As a mentor, friend, colleague I always hear variations of:
‘meh it’s ok’
‘I just don’t love this’
‘it’s good money’
‘feeds the family’
‘it’s allright, like the people’
‘it’s just a job’
‘it’s convenient and pays the bills’
‘putting kids through college is not cheap and we are not in Sweden!’
‘ugh, got the golden cuffs on, addicted to my paycheck’
‘it’s boring but I am good at it’
…. and so on…

Reality is this: it is ok that not everyone is head over heels for their job. Yes, despite all LinkedIN articles and HBR catchy headlines, this is reality for millions of people. At some level it is ‘just’ a job and only ‘one’ part of your true life. So my response usually goes ‘ok, but find something you love to do. Not saying find a job … find something in your life that you enjoy doing’. This could be as simple as cooking, writing, jumping off planes, surfing, book club, spending time with your kids, bird watching, traveling, blogging 😉 … you get the idea.

Recently in one of these sessions tables were turned… and I was asked ‘huh ok … so what is that something that you love to do, what is that for you?’. For a moment, which felt like an eternity, I was stumped… was not expecting the question. Before I could open my mouth, visuals of my pottery studio and things I have made popped into my brain. Told her ‘I love making stuff out of clay… oh let me show you’

Here is ‘shooting star’:
Here is ‘fun’:
Here is ‘hope’:
Before boring her I stopped at showing her these 3 clay and porcelain ornaments. She got the point – and was surprised, said she expected that my thing would have been something more lofty or tied to work. Hmmm … Will probe on that next time, but for now let’s adjourn; I have a to run to the pottery studio!!!

So have you found something you love to do??

Beat Colon Cancer

It sounds not happy blogging about any cancer but as well it’s happy to know if we act early we can beat this cancer by changing our lifestyle and to make good healthy choices so for your overall health enjoy our blog!

Colon cancer characterized by a malignant tumor appearing in the inner lining of the colon. It often appears after a long prolonged diet of processed meats, few vegetables and highly processed junk food.

As breast cancer widely associated with women, colon cancer mainly associated with men above the age 50. However even women are susceptible to colon cancer. Lately an increasing number of expecting young mothers diagnosed with colon cancer.

Don’t be afraid like all cancers, colon cancer is not genetic, before you put yourself to a fatalist attitude, here are some simple habits for your lifestyle that you can avoid or completely prevent colon cancer.

Here comes good news who could think it’s just that easy :)))

Eat more fruits-less meat for healthy colon and to lower chances of colon cancer.

Include more salads.

Choose vegetarian meals instead of junk food.

Include more garlic to fight against cancer use small amount of finely chopped garlic in any suitable dish lightly sauted garlic in olive oil is great condiment to many dishes.

Regular intake vitamin B, found in natural green leafed vegetables and peanuts can help avoid colon cancer by half.

Drink a lot of water. Especially 1-2 cups warm water early in the morning to stimulate healthy bowel movement.

Enjoy specialized yoga poses to promote blood circulation to the bowels to keep them youthful and healthy.

30-45 min. a brisk daily walk to keep you fit and toned.

Lower sodium intake cause higher sodium intake higher risk of cancer.

Don’t smoke.

Stay away from alcohol it’s not just good for your colon but also for your liver and overall health.

Once a day or once in two days take non vegetarian foods. Choose leaner meats rather than fattier ones fattier meats more risk for colon cancer risk.

Remember the healthy or bad choices you make today will affect your health & medical bills tomorrow!