Let’s make Decisions

Let’s make a decision but a good one okay while it looks so complicated and difficult how to make a really good one? 

Last week I was frustrated with my choices and decisions it was very hard for me to choose because I’m usually very quick decision maker but I don’t know what happened to me and I feel like I’m not going to decide anything but at the end I realize that I’m creating 50% of this problem by over thinking about tiny things and finally making the decision my way with rights and wrongs but thank God at the end a decision! so because of that I would like to share this blog with all of you dear readers and followers who felt sometimes in their life’s like me hope it will work for you too :)))

First you have to remember to stay calm don’t make any decision while you are feeling too happy or too sad you should be just calm to think clearly.

Get more information about what you going to make decision.

Compare (-) and (+) of the decision if you give more positive checks then you should probably do it if it’s not then you should avoid this.

Prepare for the best and also for the worst you have to think about both sides to have a backup plan.

Accept responsibility for every outcome while doing the best as you can.

If you are married or have children think about how this could affect them.

Make a list of alternatives don’t think there is only one alternative think again you will find some.

Think about taking that risk is if it happens you will never forgive your self then it’s better to forget it.

Trust your gut-reaction over thinking about every tiny-miny thing make it worse.

 Ask trusted friend for advice also ask neutral advice.

Give enough time to your emotions to settle.

Make it fun and play a game write your options on a piece of paper and draw a lottery. Or shake a dice or  whatever. The most important part is to watch how you feel and react will guide you to make right decision.

Finally at the end of the day think about how you will going to feel about it in a few years when you look at yourself in the mirror. Your heart will tell you the truth and what to do.

Don’t forget in this life you can choose your decisions and first of all always put first what you like or love to do! This life is not forever spend it on what really matters for you.

2 thoughts on “Let’s make Decisions

  1. Great post and good advices!

    I think though decision is what you make and it’s past, it’s nothing to regret because mistakes are important too and mistakes make us whom we are. It would be amazing never to make a wrong decision but I guess life is about learning haha 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us Anastasia :))

    I believe that too, mistakes are important and if we could learn something from them we will grow they are important experiences.

    Absolutely I love that! sure life is about learning and growing :)))

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