Pottery Series I: Why is it wobbling?

Decided to write a mini series on pottery. Some of you who have dabbled in it or interested hopefully will find these series amusing.

After being on a few months break due to work and vacation trips – I got back on the wheel. That is the pottery wheel!

Quickly realized I was rusty. My pots would at some point wobble and some even collapsed after pulling. Never been the shy person not to ask directions or for help – I quickly turned to others in the studio and said: why is it wobbling?? help me.

Two of them quickly came to help and assess the situation. So if you are having the wobble problem, read carefully:

1. need to center perfectly, you are off by a bit but when you are pulling the effect is more noticeable
2. need to keep compressing the walls, you are not pulling evenly and not strengthening the walls
3. need to throw thicker, walls are too thin, you can always trim out the fat

and… one more issue: I throw upright and was not ‘manhandling’ the clay as my fellow potter told me. She showed me how to brace the wheel and use my core.

Results: amazing – I applied exactly what they told me and the next 3 test pots I threw were quite well, no wobble, no collapsing…. happy me!

Here is my wheel:
My potter friends told me that using the sit-in wheels are easier to control. I just learned standing and that is why I use the stand up wheel. But I think the wobble issue is not isolated to the stand up wheel.

Few favorite things from my early summer 2014 collection:
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