The life you want

The time is passing and will pass anyway

You can either spend it creating the life you want

or spend it living the life you don’t want

and of course the choice is yours

For this week make a choice for yourself for your life and hopefully choosing the life you want even without thinking a moment just choose the life you want once and live it proudly no matter anyone or anything once put yourself and your life first some people will call you selfish or under other unpleasant names let them do that by knowing they are so poor that they are not choosing the life they want but living unwanted life’s.

LaBote Fall/Winter 2014

We are two creatives who delight in making one of a kind art pieces, including jewelry and pottery. Excited to share our passion with you and hope every pieces you buy brings you joy and luck!

We have been busy busy in the studio getting ready for fall and winter. So much inspiration and excitement is building. We are primarily getting ready for two shoes that are coming up.

Curious what we are cooking up 😜 check us out:

1. Instagram: Shop LaBote see what comes out of our wheel and kiln first! Follow us.

2. Etsy: Shop LaBote purchase our art. Hope you’ll find something you love!

If you like some of our creations but you just want them in different color or shape or etc. we make custom orders to please our customers’ unique tastes.

Update 9/15:
Just added new products and a video on Instagram. Check it out!

Please spread the love and the post, thank you!!

Meditate Everyday

Meditate and see difference by yourself how it changes everything for better so take deep breath and Enjoy the benefits!

For Brain
In 8 weeks decrease activity in the right amygdala, which is associated with a better stress response.

For Mind
Engages neural systems in the brain associated with empathy.

For Heart
You may lower your blood pressure naturally with twice-daily sessions.

For Skin
Can improve psoriasis which is one of the causes of stress.

For Stomach
Lower stress hormone cortisol, helping decrease belly fat.