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We got great information for this weekend, we love herbs and teas and we are one of the strong believers of medicine is what we eat and drink. Today is about drinking and teas as you can guess we have special guest  Desiree Hawa,  the Director/Founder of Amaze Tea. She is from Sydney, Australia. she studied a Bachelor of Health Sciences at Charles Sturt University. She will tell us about her high quality organic teas and the story behind her great brand.

So the reason why I created Amaze Tea was because I saw there were a lot of detox or ‘skinny teas’ or whatever you want to call them popping up over the last few years. However, most of them lacked a quality product. Essentially what a lot of the slimming teas do is perform a colon cleanse, which can make you sick or go to the bathroom a lot and all you are effectively losing is water weight, which is easy to put back on.

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  • Amaze Tea Detox is a Liver Detox tea. The Liver is the toxin processing center of the body and processes our medications, chemicals we put into our body’s, fats and sugars.
  • It performs important functions such as purifying and cleaning your blood.

These days most of the populations has overloaded livers, so our livers are not performing at their best. This can lead to a lot of complications especially around the area of obesity or weight gain If our Liver is overloaded, our body is effectively unable to process fats and sugars properly. This can lead to weight gain or people finding it extremely hard to lose weight. I am very certain that a large portion of our society’s issue with weight gain or obesity comes from an overloaded liver. So I saw this as a gap in the market with the diet teas and decided to come up with a formula for the Amaze Tea Detox.

  • After that my son who has been involved in many sports, said it would be a good idea to come up with a tea that is a natural alternative to chemical laden workout supplements on the market – and he came up with a recipe which is now the first all natural workout tea in the world.
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  • So this is how Amaze Tea came to be. We also have a Stress Relief Tea which helps with anxiety, depression, stress and sleep.
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  • Our teas are completely natural and organic. They are a very high quality and are made here in Australia. We have shipped our products all over the world and are growing very quickly as a business.

We are a ‘Health and Fitness’ tea brand, as we cater to people who want to lose weight or improve their health with our Detox and Stress Relief Teas as well as people who enjoy working out as well as exercising through our Pre Workout Tea. An important point about our Pre Workout Tea is that not only is it all natural – but it has Branch Chain Amino Acids in it, which helps with recovery and tiredness while working out. The Pre Workout Tea gives you a lot of energy for your workout and helps with muscle repair and soreness after you workout as well. It really is a unique and very amazing drink that we sell.

  • In terms of the best teas to have on hand at home for health – I would recommend Green Tea, Burdock and Dandelion Root, they are all great herbs which help functions such as improving metabolism, cleaning out your blood, clearing your skin and energy.
  • A message I would have for everyone out there in terms of getting a good quality tea is to ensure you avoid teas with Tannin’s. Tannin’s are organic matter which drain the nutrients out of the herbs, so it renders them basically useless from a health point of view. A lot of the cheaper teas have tannin’s. Amaze Tea has spent a lot of time and money ensuring our Tea has absolutely no tannin’s in it.

Thank you so much for this great information Desiree. We are getting so exiting to try Amaze teas and of course we are heading to summer we need detox actually we need detox always not just in specific season to keep our selfs healthy and also looking good in body & mind  and special gift from Amaze tea for all our viewers they will get 10% off their first purchase by using coupon code ‘amazeteanew’. ( they have also free shipping worldwide) Have a Amazed Detoxed body & mind keep healthy until next post :))


So finally this is how it looks and works 🙂