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imgo We have very special guest who is just doing what he really loves and believes in with his great team let’s meet Eugene and his cheerful dedicated team and know little bite about his life and success story. Who is Eugene Potapov? I am a young Ukrainian businessman, the founder of the company Dctology, enjoying the challenges of starting-up, with a life-long passion for creating unique projects in IT, many novel pursuits of diverse ingenuity. My team I am proud of is success-oriented perfection crafting professionals with insightful hearts and minds. Together we do make a change for the better in this world. Where am I from?    Kharkiv, Ukraine. Where did I study? V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Kharkiv, Ukraine), majoring in Economics. Then I did my MBA in the University of Dallas (Texas, USA) with my business education continued at London Business School. Thanks to all this, my key business strengths include: Business Development, Strategic Planning with an emphasis on Growth Strategies, Entrepreneurship, Collaborative Team-building, Technology Adoption, Mobile Technology, Demand Generation, Social Media. What are my hobbies? IT, technology and gadgets, volunteering, cars, skiing, golf, strikeball, travelling. My IT hobby definitely rules. And I am delighted that my hobby #1 and my job are one and the same thing I just love doing. What`s more? I started my career when I was 14. Eventually, a bank financial services consultant for corporate and agricultural sectors at 20. At 23, already as an R&D Director, I opened my first off-line shop with just a 30-minute delay. By 2008, with 9 successfully functioning supermarkets in my regional chain (with a staff of 400), I already was a Business Development Vice President in charge of full cycle strategic marketing, personnel and sales management. imgo (2) How did we create Carde app? My dream has always been to holistically combine top ideas, technologies and people of excellent expertise all over the world to make this world better and happier. Thanks to my bosom friend, a chance encounter and hard work it dawns on me how exactly to advance in my IT pursuit and how to do my best to make my dream come true as soon as possible. This is the way my ideas, knowledge and experience have turned into the concept of Carde. Inspired by IT immersion potential to share amazing IT ideas with people worldwide to bring more joy into their lives, Dctology team with me as its CEO have created the app Carde. Carde, born in 2014 and growing fast, is an unprecedented result of our intensive intellectual, emotional and spiritual work, making our team and all Carde users one big and united family. It is a very special happy family of photo junkies, IT innovators, social and emotional guys, funny comrades, passionate travellers, geeks by nature, web design artists and delicious food tasters, rock fans, life-long learners, optimistic philosophers and bright spirits. All different. All young. In love with this wonderful life. All believing in Carde and living it. imgo (1) The overall concept of Carde is genius simple: Carde is a brand new image aggregation mobile app you can rely upon to integrate all your pictures from top social networks into ONE PHOTO FLOW. Tricky story of our Carde video It all happens in an unusual way. First, we come up with the following idea: we carefully collect all high quality photo content from top social networks, that is we aggregate. Clearly, we need to share this message through our video. The question is how? As usual, where there is a will, there is a way Second, we come up with our way – VGNC creative digital agency ( They make this great Carde app video. And we, Cardeists, are all very grateful to them for their most sincere involvement and heartiest approach! As for the Carde video itself, we can’t help looking at its backstage and revealing some secrets;) Secret number two beats secret number one. Why does this Hero (with an awesome smile) turn his replicas with one “precious mighty hook” into One? There are two reasons for this: First, using Carde app, you get everything in one integral whole, i.e. photos from top social networks are aggregated to form one easy and bright photoflow – five people become one; Second, (meaning only well:) just one hook (one smart tap) brings all photo content together. Secret number three seems to be so sophisticated that it surprises me even now:) How could it happen? The right brain hemisphere knows (as it is responsible for all most unbelievable stuff)! Ready? OK. In the soft launch we had 4 top social networks in Carde. Then why are there 5 Boys if there are 4 Networks integrated?? 🙂 The semi-circle in the picture looked better with five instead of four Hero clones. Although now we realize that it was a sign from heaven! Since currently we are planning to add Twitter, and Vine and, eventually, Tumblr for Carde to integrate. Important facts: Carde app’s birthday is November 17, 2014. ☺ Edrac is a cat character who made himself at home in Carde App. When? In November 2014, I suppose. ☺ In Facebook he says he was born on December 11, 1994. I am not sure. Sometimes this cat creature behaves like a child, especially with his old toy mouse and when nobody sees him. Anyway, the fact is that he appeared without any invitation. Like Rudyard Kipling’s Cat that Walked by Himself. Perhaps, the first thing he did here, in Carde office, was that he drank up all the milk we had in the fridge, he ate the last but not the least sandwich, and then he fell asleep, snoring lightly. All cats like a good sound nap after a good meal, you know. ☺ We are going to launch Edrac’s blog. In fact, we are already doing it. In the blog we promise exciting feed, tons of humour, more life experience of all dimensions and the newest news ever! Let`s spin this life together in happiness and peace 🙂 Cardeally yours, Eugene and his cheerful dedicated team. imgo (3)

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LaBote – Moorish Inspiration

Inspiration is the key for any art and artist. When inspiration hits everything flows. Recently old Spanish and Moorish art, architecture, and designs became an inspiration that hit hard.  We thank all those brilliant minds and artists who created such history and legacy that still ignites a fire of creativity today. As a result, here is what flowed from my hands – enjoy!

Luminerie – Starry Nights

Luminerie – Emerald 

Luminerie – Opulence

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