Italy!  Puglia! – Let’s Cook

Can you tell we are counting days and how excited we are for our next adventure!

We will report live from our cooking experience, but wanted to share our research with you.  Very important for any traveller to connect with their host chef and understand what they are signing up for. 

So here we go… 

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Eye candy

Take a break this weekend enjoy outdoor and playing or as I do become child of your dreams and enjoy being king of your dreams while being active walker and explorer like a child careless and just happy! Don’t push your self but just enjoy and breath the clean air give your eyes a treatment and look around and see all beauty of nature amazing colors, unbelievable shapes and other cute things just being too long with you but without your notification hope all beautiful things come to your life and be noticed much love!!!  Relax and have this candys melting Slowly in your eyes and mind   image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Cooking in Lecce


We are very exciting to meet our chef Gianna soon and savor all the deliciousness of the Italian way cooking sure it will be one of the most amazing experice.

Here is a short introduction about her.

Gianna is the chef, owner and director. She started with her love for ancient recipes and the regional cuisine. Now she prepares kids for the Italian version of Junior master-chef, she teaches regional cuisine to visitors from all over the world, she’s also a certified sommelier, known all over the region . The love for the job she does is such that she always says that there aren’t any negative sides in it.


So stay tuned to catch the news about our experience in Lecce see you soon!!

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Swedish ways


Hi from Stocholm Sweden!

We are at Spanga Centrum Emin’s Bazaar to shop a lot of fresh fruit’s and vegetables. Actually when it comes to shopping for fruits & veggies I hardly could stop myself but to shop mindfully we made our list before we left home but again when I see passion fruits and all other exotic fruits I can’t passing without picking few. If you are living in Spanga it’s very easy to go walking and find many different kinds of fruits & veggies here!




You can find this art also next to the bazaar.



Of course when we came back to home we were very hungry starving so we decided to make potstickers or dumplings yummy I love them and these were very delicious but the trick is how to make them No NO! We didn’t make them from scratch just right from the freezer 🙂 for quick lunch anyway just take them out from freezer and put them in a pan with 1/2 cup water and 1 tbs of oil cover the lid and wait until the water evaporated and are browned in one side. Make some sambal if you like hot & spicy taste.


And this is the Swedish barnavardscentral – baby care centre for the welcome it’s cute start isn’t it?


These are for babies to play but they are big enough almost made for me to play I wanna play with them how fun.


Yess, I love this one most I want to play cooking & chef this is almost real oven, everything works only without heat and it cooks only pizza 😉 well it’s just admirable.


This is piglet friend from djur expo – animal expo couldn’t catch their baby’s together and we missed the goats too but hope next time we will see them all. We took long walk back to home it was beautiful  sunny day so we took the advantage of it.


Vacation Forever?

Is that possible? Is that true? I need vacation. I need forever. I can hear you right from here you are also saying I need that too (with big warm smile). Who doesn’t? Maybe few very luck people I wanna meet them please to feel really on vacation and to make sure this is on earth and real 🙂

Actually I need vacation from jealousy from anger from harm will from evil eye from destroy from war from money from hard work from addiction from insult from bullying from unjust from unfaithful should I count more and more I think I should stop here not because this is the end of the bad things or don’t have more to count but because all we know the rest and even lived once all of this feelings or situations and still living.

How about what we really want to do about that? are we really creating right circle around us? Yes I know this is not what normal vacation include but by being loving, caring, happy for others happiness and success, calm, willing good, sharing, generous but of course not stupid (even people do think we are but usually they are blind enough could not see what is the real purpose of helping others what means to you) and this is not always money but sometimes spending time with someone who need you or speaking to them or doing something for them easy for you but hard to do for them or what doesn’t have value for you will mean to much for other. but please don’t forget you are a small line of this circle so you have to be wise to choose this circle which people to avoid and which people must include in this vacation.

Do we really need a vacation from this world and this body’s? or just from any kind of toxic people around us? Maybe all. so we should wait in this world until our new great journey or vacation starts but while waiting hope we could find our forever vacation circle in this world and stuck to that even it seem to others selfish or like big ego but at least when you know that is your truth and that makes you you then let people call it hell and you are the evil. (that most of them blinding themselves in those full lies-life’s they thought they are living right way and they try to drop you into the same hell or their fake heaven and they are the angels) So be aware when you can create and live in your own hell or heaven. Why living others’s?.

Don’t expect people will tell you good for you! or you deserve this good things! or feel happy for you while doing something beneficial for yourself. Expect they will do it for them selves and while you are doing the same they will tell you how bad, selfish etc…and guilty you are this shows really who they are.

Until next vacation….

Life is short keep your circle clean as much as you can & live your vacation forever and full time!