What our life’s depend on? I hear you money-lie-hate. The real life is like that sure I’m not blind.Really hard to find this values nowadays and even if you be loyal they don’t like it because you are not cheating, hating, greedy they will judge you why you are different? While everyone the same. You will feel lonely in a crowd but don’t give up keep what matters most to you even all the rest of the world gone crazy. Or maybe only you will be only the crazy. Keep respect- trust- love even no one deserve it but you deserve yours.

8 thoughts on “Respect-trust-love

  1. The sense of idealism is so so saintly and so beatific. When I get torn down by life’s pressures I am going to read your quote. Anand Bose from Kerala.

  2. After 60 years, I left Miami last year. Hated the traffic, inadequate parking, poor work ethic both in public and private section, the self serving polarization of ethnic groups and the crime esp drive – by shootings. Radio music far ahead of the curve and more contemporary chic than Miami blandness here in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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