Celebrity Party Prince

Meet our top-secret party Prince David Lord Navaro Vera. We won’t say much about him he will tell everything but few secret will be kept only for him 😉

David could you tell our readers who you are and what are you busy with?

Born in Palma island, grew up in Lyon France and then London where I study Business at Westminster University . I created my first startup in 1999 and ever since been developing new concepts.

I first after my studies found myself creating celebrity parties between Monaco, Paris and London. What happened in my parties stay in my parties so no name given 🙂

After 6 years with dooz.co.uk I decided to move away from the glam and go back to more serious stuff. I have been doing online marketing for years to I started to share my experience and work for major IT companies.

I have just joined Oracle to manage their European marketing.

It was challenging to change career as people refer to what you have done in the last couple of years… but I didnt give up and manage to get my first role in IT after my event company.

The most exciting part is to travel a lot all over the place to meet my team and to share and make a difference by my ideas. Thinking outside the box is for me the most important thing in Marketing!

Is it my dream job? Well I wanted to be a pop star so I get the travels but not the fans ah ah ah.

Seriously, the dream job is what makes you happy every morning when you wake up and feel you are making a change with your inputs. I feel that right now.

David’s message to our readers for finale

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma Gandhi