Meet our Fantastic Friend!

It’s very exiting to introduce you this guy. He is fun, he is happy, he is in love with what he is doing,  he is also smart so on goes….We are very happy to open his way of life and experience to our dear readers. Hope you will at least learn to find something you love and passionate about and go for it!!!

Explore him right here and don’t forget to have fun when you do.

Don’t take anything to serious in this life be happy be nice to yourself and others.

I am hospitality, PR & social media consultant under my company @TheContourage, a blogger ( and real-estate investor living between Dubai & Kuwait.

I was born in Kuwait, 13 May 1983

I studied accounting in Kuwait University and later for career shift I studied hospitality management in Glion school in Montreux, Switzerland.

I was working for one year in a fine dining restaurant in DIFC, Dubai and from there I turned my instagram account public and people started to get to know me and enjoy my content which were mainly restaurants and dishes from various restaurants around Dubai and Istanbul.

The reason was PASSION & LOVE for good places to eat and good food, as well as beautiful spaces such as hotels.

The most difficult part of my job is working with hotels & restaurants with PR & marketing managers who are happy receiving salaries every month and do not care much about the business. Also working with people that think I am doing this for my own benefit rather than theirs. Bad weather conditions make my job difficult, pictures do not turn out as I wish. I also find it annoying to have to sit and write proposals and reports to my clients, I wish I can find someone that is good in writing them, and I just review them. Travelling a lot, having to ruin my diet and skipping reading because of socialising make me want to quit sometimes 🙂

I would choose same job in another life but much earlier in my life.

My massage to your reader, be courageous enough to quit what you do not yourself in, but find the next step first.

For more information and contact

Talal Alrashed

Dubai: +971 552494581

Kuwait: +965 66662731

Istanbul: +90 5533267579

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