Starting the day with a surprise…

Continuing private….

Cooking from the garden rhubarbs…

Baking kadayif….

Then baklava..

The rhubarb pie is already is ready…

And another baklawa…

It was long day full of nice stuff how about to en it with good sip of coffee….and rest!

Orebro best memories 

Orebro-Sweden it’s sweet place to be there you feel you are in small cozy city. It feels you are in small village but with the feeling of small city without any stress or rush it relaxed place. Easily you can walk all around the monuments and museums, parks and the famous castle.

Enjoy few old memories from orebro and don’t forget this old but just very popular saying. See something once better to hear about it thousand times.

So live now and be present know tomorrow sometimes will newer could come.

Lots of love and peace and sorry for long time not sharing!

Kick-start a bussines

Tell us a bit about yourself.. the man, Andrew Shaw.

I made the unusual transition from working in politics to launching a watch start-up.

What inspired you to start your on business?

My decision to launch this business was a result of my own experience as a consumer. It is difficult to find interesting watches that are affordable. There are loads of great watches in the luxury vintage markets, but the watches are often very expensive. With Gauss Watch, I aim to bridge that divide between unique watch design an affordability.
How did you pick your brand name?

I wanted a strong, simple name. The brand is named after the famous mathematician whose work was central to the technological innovation that would follow centuries later. The brand attempts to capture the spirit of technological innovation as reflected in mid-century design.
What’s so special about Gauss watches?

They are quite unique; we meld decades of vintage design into a quality watch that is within reach of just about anyone.

Impressed that you had a hand in designing the watch. Have you always had a talent for design?

I have no formal training in design. I set out to design a watch that I would want to purchase as a consumer.
How long do it take you to develop this concept and startup?

It has taken about a year to launch the brand on Kickstarter.
How much will these beautiful watches will cost?

You can purchase a watch for under $100 on Kickstarter.
Any final words for all startup dreamers out there?

Launching a business in challenging and uncertain. Enjoy the process, there is a lot of learn through the experience.


Atte Gemzell

Meet new person new world!

SPEND by Atte GemzellSPEND is the obvious and sensible that makes you happy!

SPEND is based on four main themes:

The handknitted part where very high quality environmentally friendly yarn is used.

The tee shirt in different shapes. Often cut and rebuilt used like building blocks.

The handmade details, such as hand painted silkscreens.

The maintheme of the collections, the Goose, the symbol of the Swedish region called Skåne, the source of inspiration for SPEND.
Atte Gemzell was born and raised in Lund in the south of Sweden. Atte studied art at the University of Lund, attended an art school in Malmö, recieved a Bachelor of Art at the university of Umeå.

Atte moved to Stockholm and studied pattern construction and fashion design. Following practice at H&M and work for theaters and movie productions. SPEND by Atte Gemzell was launched in January 2001 and since then worked mainly with Japan.

Contact her at Instagram

My work: SPEND – Teach art …a very good combo!

My message…Live now… Be Happy!!

Celebrity Party Prince

Meet our top-secret party Prince David Lord Navaro Vera. We won’t say much about him he will tell everything but few secret will be kept only for him 😉

David could you tell our readers who you are and what are you busy with?

Born in Palma island, grew up in Lyon France and then London where I study Business at Westminster University . I created my first startup in 1999 and ever since been developing new concepts.

I first after my studies found myself creating celebrity parties between Monaco, Paris and London. What happened in my parties stay in my parties so no name given 🙂

After 6 years with I decided to move away from the glam and go back to more serious stuff. I have been doing online marketing for years to I started to share my experience and work for major IT companies.

I have just joined Oracle to manage their European marketing.

It was challenging to change career as people refer to what you have done in the last couple of years… but I didnt give up and manage to get my first role in IT after my event company.

The most exciting part is to travel a lot all over the place to meet my team and to share and make a difference by my ideas. Thinking outside the box is for me the most important thing in Marketing!

Is it my dream job? Well I wanted to be a pop star so I get the travels but not the fans ah ah ah.

Seriously, the dream job is what makes you happy every morning when you wake up and feel you are making a change with your inputs. I feel that right now.

David’s message to our readers for finale

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma Gandhi

Meet a new person

My name is daniela tasca York, I’m 30 years old and born & raised in London, U.K. I studied fashion design at uni and worked for luxury brands such as Burberry before realising my love of imagery and moving into photography- mainly weddings and portraits.

I have been in the industry for 15 years now, working in all aspects from design, styling and photography so feel like I’ve got a good knowledge of how to work a great final image. I live to take pictures, I take them everyday and I think I would feel lost without my camera. Being a photographer is my dream job, sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that I actually get paid to do this… Especially weddings. To be around all these wonderful happy people and to capture their intimate and special day is a huge honour and I hold my couples close to my heart. The only hard part of my job is being so self critical, and the worry that clients won’t like the work… It hadn’t hasn’t happened yet but I live in fear. Photography is something so personal so you feel like you are giving a little part of your soul away with the images!

I would say that you shouldn’t be afraid to re-evaluate your goals. For my whole life I wanted to be a designer, but once I ‘made it’ it wasn’t what I imagined so I started again. Now I am truly fulfilled in my career and wake up everyday knowing that I’m doing what I was put in the earth to do.

You can see more at

And coming (children’s portraiture)