Detox & Shangri-La


I can’t wait to introduce you my favorite magic teas!

Here is the first one:

Kusmi Detox tea is a blessing because when I’m drinking immediately I feel fresher and lighter this is truly detox effect with magic of mate, green tea and lemon grass.


The other one:

Shangri-la with my description the taste of Thailand contains  green tea red round yummy peppers and ginger it has cleansing and vitality effect.


Thank you very much  Oliv & Te Delikatesser !

You are making more accessible for tea lovers to reach lovely teas and many other high quality products.

Surprise Tea-Time with Kusmi

This time we are introducing exclusive and high quality blends from Kusmi tea. They are made in France and they have many kinds of blends — hard to choose just few. Finally, I choose this two blends for special tea-time gatherings.

Green St Petersburg: is green china tea with scents of citrus fruits, red fruits, vanilla and caramel.

Spicy Chocolate: is black china tea with natural scents of chocolate and spices. Oh this is my favorite as a chocolate lover it’s addictive!

Tea is great for health and warms you up in a cold winter day without costing you much in calories. Tea is much better to drink than sugar loaded sodas. Your body will thank you for drinking real an quality tea.
They both have a very fine unique taste, delicate and clear, which is just right. Kusmi tea comes in many sizes (they have tea bags also which makes it perfect to try them) for gift’s or just to give yourself a little luxury to enjoy.