Kick-start a bussines

Tell us a bit about yourself.. the man, Andrew Shaw.

I made the unusual transition from working in politics to launching a watch start-up.

What inspired you to start your on business?

My decision to launch this business was a result of my own experience as a consumer. It is difficult to find interesting watches that are affordable. There are loads of great watches in the luxury vintage markets, but the watches are often very expensive. With Gauss Watch, I aim to bridge that divide between unique watch design an affordability.
How did you pick your brand name?

I wanted a strong, simple name. The brand is named after the famous mathematician whose work was central to the technological innovation that would follow centuries later. The brand attempts to capture the spirit of technological innovation as reflected in mid-century design.
What’s so special about Gauss watches?

They are quite unique; we meld decades of vintage design into a quality watch that is within reach of just about anyone.

Impressed that you had a hand in designing the watch. Have you always had a talent for design?

I have no formal training in design. I set out to design a watch that I would want to purchase as a consumer.
How long do it take you to develop this concept and startup?

It has taken about a year to launch the brand on Kickstarter.
How much will these beautiful watches will cost?

You can purchase a watch for under $100 on Kickstarter.
Any final words for all startup dreamers out there?

Launching a business in challenging and uncertain. Enjoy the process, there is a lot of learn through the experience.