Spring Cleaning Inside-Out

20140308-141728.jpgSpring is coming and many of us starting to give the extra pounds away to hug the summer but how about the extra pounds in our homes and in our-lives that weights us much more than we think.

We can SURPRISE our minds our homes our lives and health to start with giving away those weights that we don’t need them anymore. Okay I know for some of us it’s very hard to give away something even we don’t need it we couldn’t basically to remove it permanently from our lives we are feeling we are stacked with those useless things or maybe we feel the more things we have around us we will feel safer or happier isn’t it?

But the truth is when you reduce things in your life you will be happier inside-out. Think about it how much time you spend cleaning your home when you have lots lots of things all around that you really don’t need they are just being there to keep and collect the dust for you and you have to spend your time cleaning them arrange them etc. So now start to think and select those things to give it to someone who really need it or save some money by garage sale or let friends know you have something you would like to throw it don’t say no if I won’t it they won’t it either because some times at the same time they can need something you don’t anymore just ask it will not hurt anyone if it will not benefit also when you help your friend you will help the environment as well.

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle or Give away.

Start from your closet and pickup the pieces they are hang there for more than 4-5 years you didn’t touch, wore or don’t fit anymore without spending too much time just put them to give away.

Continue with your living room is there anything you don’t use it collect them and put them some where you will not see them  for 3-4 months if you really don’t miss them or you really don’t need them it’s right time for last goodbye.

End with your kitchen let’s see how many things there unused or broken for couple of years and ask this questions to yourself am I gonna use it again? do I really need it? collect all and LET them GO!

Finally you will feel mentally and physically lighter healthier you will find more space around you that will not busying you but to help you to focus to concentrate to reduce the time of cleaning giving you extra time to cook healthy dishes, do some yoga, just go outside and take a walk or just relax maybe.

Think about it one more time is it worth to spend our lives our times around this useless things by not doing for ourselves this favor? Just letting them go.

Reduce to increase your life quality.

It’s not the quantity it’s the quality spend well for what you really need don’t buy a lot of junk just because it’s cheaper. Save all the money that you will buy the junks and buy something really that matters for you and for your health.

And last but not least ENJOY all the SPRING cleaning beauty INSIDE-OUT!