Holiday Surprises – make some real memories!

This holiday season make some real time with people you really care about. That is the best gift you can give yourself. I baked the above dessert with my dear friend Melanie – and even took this picture together. We surprised ourselves at what a good time we had. Truly being in each other’s presence, baking and laughing, sharing stories from 2012. So stop running around from store to store to buy more stuff that probably you or others don’t need. Spend that time to connect with people in your life – and I don’t mean messaging them on facebook. I chose to bake since its an activity we both love – choose your own activity, whatever that is. What we all really need is to make real memories that nourish our inner being.

So go ahead give yourself a gift of time and a real memory this holiday!

(Recipe coming soon – Graham Cracker Almond Coconut Delight)

Sultan’s Favorite


This recipe beyond to be Sultan’s favorite it’s one of the yummy-easy+healthy recipes.

Here is how to make it

1- Peel and slice 1 medium size banana in to 1 or half inch slices. Put it right in to your plate.

1- 1 orta boy muzu soyup 1.5 veya 2 cm kalinligida dilimleyelim. Servis tabagimiza alalim.

2- Drizzle on top of them 1 tbs of honey. You can use the honey type you like I use regular organic honey.

2- Uzerleine 1 yemek kasigi bal gezdilerim. Sevdiginiz cesit bal kullanin ben organik normal bal kullandim.

3- Put on top of them 1 tbs of diced walnuts.

3- Uzerlerine 1 yemek kasigi iri cekilmis ceviz ici serpin.

4- Put on top of everything 2-3 tbs of pomegranate seeds.

4- Hepsinin uzerine 2-3 yemek kasigi nar tanesi serpin.


That’s all bon appetite!

Hepsi bu kadar afiyet olsun!