Ending 2012 – Surprise of Snow

20121230-193409.jpgDecember 31. Felt the grace of snow today, cold crisp air was twinkling with ice particles. Peace and quiet was everywhere… Could not help but admire it and take these photos.

Soon we leave 2012 behind and enter 2013. The snow slowed the hustle and bustle of our crazy, commercialized, self important, overly busy days a little bit – reminding us what’s truly important.

We will remember this year for many events, and surprises. Also 2012 will always mark the year we dared to surprise ourselves and started our blog. We thank you for reading and sharing us with others.

We, at Surprise Saffron, wish you all an amazing 2013 – may it be filled with fun surprises. You can count on us to surprise you. But most of all… remember to surprise yourself !!

Surprise Yourself – live in a different country for a few months!


My friend and fellow blogger Chloe – recently took time to live in Paris for 3 months. Hey journey, though ending soon…is soooo inspiring. Reminded me that we don’t have the stay static — no matter how much you love your hometown or city you live in, you might surprise yourself by living in a different country, mingling with the locals, settling into the daily patterns of a new city, breathing its history, and more. The experience will change you and enrich your life. There is a huge difference between being the transient tourist vs. the transplant who is settling in the neighborhood for a while. You will be surprised at what you love there, what you miss back home. Sure, I hear you…not an easy thing to rig up – but then again there is not much in life that’s easy (so as an excuse it is a weak one). Chloe’s blog entries brought back memories of Paris, but most of all the surprising and exciting idea it triggered: “hey – why just take a 2 week vacation somewhere, go, live it up for a while.

Read about her how she did it on her blog along with her photos of Paris:  http://devivreunreve.tumblr.com/