Famous traditional hand made candy of granna in Sweden. Such a relaxing and lovely little city.         

      After 150 yeas the polkagris is made almost exactly the same way here you can watch them how they make it professionally live from the window.


      Lovely old boxes.


      And just few kind of creativeness of different tastes and shapes of polkagrisar!


      Take walk around and enjoy the beauty of old cute buildings and other beauties.


      Worlds biggest cycling race event. Here they go!! These are cyclists of vattern they cycle 300 km around the vattern lake every year 23.000 cyclist joined this competition and it was 50th anniversary celebration.


      This hot air ballon is one of the symbols of the Granna.     

      These are old but one of the most fashionable street floors. Hope you enjoyed this short photo tour! 


      Traditional Aprakh (Wraps)


      Before we start to this traditional family recipe I want to give you a great tip that I learned it from my aunt during summer I collect the fresh grape leaves and just line them on top of each other then wrap them with aluminum foil and put them in freezer bag and freeze them when I took them from freezer I have to be very careful because when they freeze they are very fragile so when you touch them you have to be very careful! and after you de-freeze them they are ready to use &  enjoy sunny summer taste!


       Are you ready to enjoy?

      Organic grape leaves

      1 cup organic rice

      1/2 cup organic coarsely ground wheat

      1 or 1/2 cup Greek yogurt
      1 tbs organic butter or ghee or olive oil
      1 tsp pressed organic garlic
      1 tsp sea salt
      2-3 cups boiling water (you will need more or less water it depends of what type of rice and leaves you use)
      For Top ( for 1 person)

      1 large organic egg (optional)

      1 tbs organic butter, ghee or olive oil
      1/2 tsp sea salt
      1/4 cup water

      2 tbs fresh green garlic leaves diced very thin I don’t have fresh green garlic leaves so I used normal garlic cloves crushed.

      You can use just rice or just wheat or as I do you can mix them.

      Rinse rice and wheat.

      Mix melted butter, yogurt, garlic and salt to rice and wheat mix them well.( I didn’t have enough yogurt at home so my mixture looks dry but normally should be runny and wet yogurt gives special flavor and character which is the specialty of this recipe.

      Then as below you see the photos put some rice and wrap the leaves.

      IMG_0913 IMG_0914 IMG_0915 IMG_0916 IMG_0917 IMG_0918 IMG_0920

      Line up them in pot the closure side should be faced down.


      When you reach the last row if you have left over leaves you can cover the top of wraps or if you don’t have that’s fine.


      Put pot on high heat.

      Very slowly add boiling water.

      Cover the lid bring to boil 20-30 min. or until the rice and wheat cooked well.
      If you are using very big leaves yo can dived them into 2 pieces or just make big wraps my leaves were very small.

      Now our Aprakh is ready carefully take each Aprakh and line it in plate.

      For top
      Put butter in pan until heated pour scrambled egg and stir fry put the crushed garlic and salt stir-fry then add boiling water boil it 1-2 min. it should be little water left when you put it over the
      aprakh wraps.


      Okay I know its worth it but isn’t it enough we wait… aaawww it smells garlicious!
      Give me a moment please! I have to eat and sweep this I stand to much.