Gingerly Talk

How about to putting some ginger in your life? This wonder spice has time-tested digestion-friendly properties. Especially during winter I like to use dryed or fresh ginger in my soups or my black or green teas a lot both were good for battling cold and flu leaving you with warm feeling.

We find this ginger candy very handy when we are on the go it works wonders you can just eat it as candy or boil some water and make some hearty tea that will warms you up instantly. Image Fresh ginger is a root and can be found in many markets. Always buy a light and plump piece; if its shriveled it is not as fresh. It is also great for use in cooking and steeping fresh ginger tea. For example a simple ginger garlic shrimp dish is out of this world!!
20130303-111424.jpgPeel it, then slice or grate based on your preference. Ginger is naturally fibrous and as you cut into it it should be juicy not dry. Since ginger is quite potent a little bit goes a long way. Ginger is an acquired taste. Best way to introduce it to your family’s diet maybe baking candied ginger into cakes and muffins.
Let’s talk ginger – how do you use it??

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