Maldives: Komandoo island resort – full report!

Komandoo is located north of Male and takes about 35-40 min by seaplane to get there. It is surrounded by couple other islands, some where locals live.

The resort is operated in partnership by a Swedish and Maldivian firm. It also operates the Kuredu island which is very nearby. The general manager is Patrick who greets everyone at arrival and he is Belgian. We were greeted by songs, cold coconut juice and homemade coconut ice cream. They know how to start your holiday on a positive note.

We found the hospitality and level of service to be much better here than Gangehi. Also the beach front villas are better and cleaner. But we would advise to pick one not facing the local islands, the view is better. Our villa is nearly at the end tip of this 500 meter long island. Also the villas have outdoor bathroom, shower and jet tubs. Rooms are cleaned twice a day, but as a environment conscious island they won’t change sheets everyday unless you leave the cute wooden turtle on the bed. We love that they are eco friendly.

At first we were ambivalent about the half board but we love it now – the food is quality and lot of fresh fruits.

There is a bit of nightlife as well — last night we had a great cover band with a great variety of songs and sang some requests too.

The staff is better trained in hospitality and services in general. There are also women working at this island which we did not see at Gangehi except for the spa and the souvenir shop.

Water is fantastic – private beach with deafening quiet except of the sounds of ocean. The black tip sharks and stingrays go up and down the beach. So exciting to swim next to them and be in their presence. They are harmless and very cute (we think).

While this is the rainy season we have had great weather on both Gangehi and Komandoo. Occasional rains in the evening or overnight have been welcome after the heat of the day.


Now we are off to snorkeling – catch you later!!

6 thoughts on “Maldives: Komandoo island resort – full report!

  1. What is the snorkeling like at Komandoo compared to Gangehi? Have you been to the Maldives before and if so can you compare the reefs to previous islands? 🙂 Thanks!

    • Snorkeling is great on both islands – but we think it’s better at Gangehi. Parts of Komandoo are a bit murky in the evening. It’s amazing how many fish you see. Mantas and small sharks were also favorite at Komandoo.

      This is our first visit, so we can only compare these two so far. After we explore the third island we can tell you more.

  2. That sounds great! I see you’re moving on to Kuredu – this was our first island in the Maldives and we have so many beautiful memories from Kuredu (although the snorkeling is not that good). Enjoy!! 🙂

    • Rachel, you won’t regret this experience. It is unique. We loved it so much we are going back again in a year to explore other islands.

      All the best and tell us how you like it afterwards ☀️😀

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